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What is 90 ball bingo?

online bingo

What sort of online bingo games are available

There is a whole variety of physical and online bingo games available but the single most common game is 90 ball bingo which has been played across the UK for as long as anyone can remember. 90 ball Bingo is extremely popular around the whole world and the difference between this and other bingo games, such as 30 ball or 75 ball is the Bingo card designs and the variety of winning combos possible.

The 90 ball Bingo card

The most common Bingo card is made up of 3 horizontal and 9 vertical lines with 4 blank spaces and 5 numbers in each row. The first column on every card contains numbers from 1-9, in the second column you have the numbers 10 – 19, then in the third you have 20 – 29 and so on until the very last column on the card which contains the numbers 80 – 90.

Players should always listen to, and watch the Bingo caller. When the caller reads out the successive numbers, players mark them off on their bingo card every time they have a matching number. When playing online bingo, numbers may be marked off automatically for you, using the website’s auto-daub system. As you probably know, numbers in bingo are called out at random, this ads to the excitement as players simply don’t know which numbers are going to be called next. Marking all of your numbers off doesnt necessarily mean the game is over. Someone needs to shout ‘Bingo’ first to win. As you can imagine, in a busy Bingo hall, with lots and lots of players it is very common for more than one player to complete their bingo card at the same time, and again this comes down to the first person to call ‘Bingo’ to determine a winner. Your card will then be checked by the Bingo caller against the numbers called out before you are confirmed as the winner.

How can you win at 90 Ball Bingo?

The game is called 90 Ball Bingo because the maximum amount of numbers that can be called during a game is 90. The game is played on bingo cards that have nine vertical columns and three horizontal rows.

90 Ball Bingo has three basic patterns. Firstly, you have One Line, then the Two Line game and finally Full House. Playing is easy and very straightforward. The first player to cross off a horizontal line wins the One Line game. Next is the first player that marks off two horizontal lines to win the Two Line game, and finally the player to successfully cross off all three lines on the Bingo card will win the Full House. Usually, available prizes for every pattern will increase in value with the most valuable being awarded for winning a Full House.

Bingo Etiquette

There are very few rules you need to learn in order to master Bingo, but there are some very clear rules to stick to when it comes to Bingo etiquette. Mainly, early calling of ‘Bingo’, which can annoy other bingo players. It is also not a good idea to make noises when marking off the numbers on your bingo card. You should also avoid debating with the Bingo caller, questioning which numbers have or have not been called. All in all Bingo is a game to be enjoyed by everybody, whether you are playing either online or in a bingo hall, the prizes available can often be fantastic and once you start playing you will begin to understand why Bingo is enjoyed by millions of people across the world on a daily basis.

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